Our unique finishes are generally a combination of a base component and an antique, which is applied over the base coat.

We do not sell paint or touch-up paints. You can use concrete paints sold at your local hardware store.

Touch Up Paint Instructions

Shake paints thoroughly prior to use. (Do not mix together)

For a painted finish apply base color at full strength (do not dilute with water), let dry completely. Mix the antique color with water (thirty to fifty percent). Apply with a brush, wipe off any drips with a soft cloth. A second application of the antique color may be applied if desired.

For a stained finish mix paint with thirty percent water. Wipe with a soft cloth if desired. A second application may be applied to achieve a heavier antique look.

Allow newly painted areas to dry completely before re-assembly and refilling with water. This will take approximately two days depending on weather conditions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.