July 25, 2024

Thank you for stopping by Elite World of Fountains and Statuaries. A complete collection of, Fountains, Garden Fountains, Water Fountains, Outdoor Wall Fountains, Tiered Fountains, Outdoor Fountains, Concrete Fountains, and Statuary Art for your home, Landscaping, office and garden.

Make your garden more romantic with water fountains, garden fountains, waterfall fountains, large outdoor fountains, Concrete Fountains, statues or other garden art and accessories from Elite World of Fountains and Statuaries. We are proud to show you our unique collection of finely crafted outdoor water fountains, outdoor garden fountains, wall fountains, statuary fountains, garden statuary art, pottery, and concrete tables and benches that will make any home, Landscaping, or business beautiful. Our collections are of the finest quality craftsmanship and materials. Each piece is individually prepared and hand finished to order and will make for years of enjoyment. Feel free to browse our site and please call if you are looking for something special you do not see, or have any questions about any of our items, and we will be happy to assist you. Check back with us often as we are always adding new items.


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NOW!! Offering 75% off shipping, discounted low pricing - Elite Fountains are one of the Lowest best pricing on the web .We are Factory discounted Inventory to the public. we price match guarantee. Our products are built new for each order from the factory.:Online sales discounted only not store locations: Fast Delivery We custom build our crates (Wood, Foamed, with lid) for our 70'' solid pools or larger, For protection from shipping. No sales tax (except Georgia orders) Ask for our spring specials.

Fountains are your One Stop to Shop

Fountains provides more than just a decorative piece for your home, garden or office. Our fountains are works of art and shows psychological features to all environments. Water fountains create and add sound to the most pleasant and relaxing places on earth. Feel free to browse our selections.

Factory Custom Built Quality Products

Our company has literally thousands of crafted custom concrete built fountains and statuaries.Elite World of Fountains and Statuaries fountains state of art have been around over 13yrs of handling and having our fountains built 1st class that last for ever with customer care.That Makes our water fountains and garden fountains and places customer service at the top of the fountain world."Price match Guarantee or less straight from the factory with discounted prices".

Products of Variety

Fountains, Water fountains, Garden fountains are available in large range of designs. From large water fountains to our waterfall fountains and statuary. Elite world of fountains and Statuaries can provide products of variety to all residential to commercial develepment straight from the factories.Our fountains run off of standard wall current and are easy and covenient to put in place.

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