July 25, 2024

Als Garden Art Fountains

Our als garden art Outdoor fountains at Elite world of fountains offers the unique style of Water Fountains and Outdoor Garden Fountains by Fiore Stone, Als Garden Art and makes an elegant centerpiece in any garden, home or office . Our Outdoor concrete fountains are made of the highest quality craftsmenship to give you years of enjoyment. Each fountain piece is hand finished from your choice of a variety of stains and washes, then refired to protect the finish. Our fountains are sold direct from the Factory with 75% off shipping!

When placing your order for garden fountains, please indicate the finish you want for each selection. Basins and bowls pictured are included in price unless otherwise noted. Pumps included on all fountain orders with the exception of Waterfalls.   Click on any image for more information.

Outdoor Garden Water Fountains - Plinth Column Fountain Plinth Column Fountain #229-FSQ Tuscany Garden Fountain #2074-F4 Lighthouse on Island Fountain #276-F

Plinth Column – Outdoor Water Fountain

Plinth Column – Outdoor Water Fountain

Tuscany Garden – Outdoor Water Fountain

on Island – Outdoor Water Fountain

Tall Urn Fountain, medium #672-MF Athenian Fountain #LG135-F Mall Fountain w/Granite Benches #670-XFGB Outdoor Water Fountains - Classico Lion Fountain

Med. Tall Urn – Outdoor Water Fountain

Athenian – Outdoor Water Fountain

Mall – Outdoor Water Fountain w/Granite Benches

Classico Lion – Outdoor Water Fountain

Jardin Pot Fountain #668-F Mosaic Fountain #2095-F Garden Lantern Fountain #2110-F Mall Planter Fountain, Small #670-SF

Jardin Pot – Outdoor Water Fountain

Mosaic – Outdoor WaterFountain

Garden Lantern – Outdoor Water Fountain

Mall Planter – Outdoor WaterFountain Small

Old World Center Rain Fountain, Short #2160-FS Old World Center Rain Fountain, Tall with Bowl #2160-FTB Old World Curtain Rain Fountain, Tall #2161-FT Bavarian Wall Fountain with Pedestals #LG139-FWDL
Champagne Wall Fountain, Tall #205-FWT Champagne Wall Fountain #205-FW Bella Fountain #235-FQ Straza Fountain #2159-FT