May 27, 2024

Als Garden Art Statuary Fountains

Our als garden art statuary fountains at elite world of fountains offers the beautiful artistry of our Fiore stone, Als garden art Statuary Water Fountains make quite a conversation piece for any garden, Landscaping, home or business . Outdoor water fountains add elegance to the place where these fountains are found. We offer a wide variety of water fountains such as table top, pond, indoor, outdoor and garden. Our concrete fountains are made of the highest quality craftsmenship to give you years of enjoyment. Each fountain piece is hand finished from your choice of a variety of stains and washes, then refired to protect the finish. These wall fountains are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

When placing your order for water fountains, please indicate the finish you want for each selection. Basins and bowls pictured are included in price unless otherwise noted. Pumps included on all fountain orders with the exception of Waterfalls.  !!  Click on any image for more information.

Dolphins with Oct Bowl #2007-F5
Springtime Fountain #227-F5S

Dolphins with Octagon Bowl
Water Fountain

Umbrella Ftn.
Water Fountain

Courtship Fountain #2008-F
Water Fountains: Dolphin Fountains

Courtship Water Fountain

Dolphin Water Fountain w/Shell Bowl

Pouring Angel Fountain #2014-F
Boy on Dolphin Fountain #279-WS
Romance Fountain #274-F Mischief Fountain #283-F

Pouring Angel Water Fountain

Boy on Dolphin Water Fountain

Romance Water Fountain

Mischief Water Fountain

Reflective Moment Fountain #2057-F

Reflective Moment Ftn. Water Fountain