June 25, 2024

Als Garden Art Tables and Benches

Our Fiore Stone, Als garden art concrete Tables and Benches are elegant and beautiful from Elite World of Fountains and Statuaries and are Made to weather the years of sitting quietly in your outdoor garden. Our concrete items are made of the highest quality craftsmanship to give you years of enjoyment. Each piece is hand finished from your choice of a variety of stains and washes, then refired to protect the finish.

Venetian Curved Bench

Product No: 613    UPC: 054261613004
Size: W106″D20″
Shown in: Chateau
Weight: 951 Lbs
Consist of: 613-C, 613-AL, 613-AR, 613-BL, 613-BR, 613-SL, 613-SR, 613-L (3)










Euronetian Bench

Product No: 633    UPC: 054261633002
Size: H49½”W72″D21″
Shown in: Chateau
Weight: 887 Lbs
Consist of: 3134-L, 3134-R, 3129-P (2), 3131, 3132, 3133 (2)









Bench of Nobility

Product No: 629    UPC: 054261629005
Size: H49½” W36½ D72″
Shown in: Brownstone
Weight: 1296 Lbs
Consist of: 3129 (2), 3129-P (2), 3126, 3127 (2), 3128 (2)












Venetian Straight Bench

Product No: 612    UPC: 054261612007
Size: W48″D18″
Shown in: Chateau
Weight: 559 Lbs
Consist of: 612-AL, 612-AR, 612-B, 612-S, 612-L (2)






Euro Flat Bench

Product No: 632    UPC: 054261632005
Size: H20¼”W72″D21″
Shown in: Brownstone
Weight: 518 Lbs
Consist of: 632-T, 632-L (2)







Round Table

Product No: 620    UPC: 054261620118
Size: H30″W41″
Shown in: Cantera
Weight: 516 Lbs
Consist of: 620-T, 622-B

Curved Bench 4′

Product No: 621    UPC: 054261621009

Also available for commercial applications (621-C). Shown with Round Table (Model 620).

price #621 curved bench each=466.00

Size: W48″D15″
Shown in: Cantera
Weight: 245 Lbs
Consist of: 621-T, BL (2)






Scroll Bench 4′

Product No: 653    UPC: 054261653161

Also available for commercial applications (652-C).

Size: W48″D17″
Shown in:
Weight: 284 Lbs
Consist of: 653-T, BL (2)







Scroll Bench 3′

Product No: 652    UPC: 054261652164

Also available for commercial applications (652-C).

Size: W36″D17″
Shown in: Palomino
Weight: 252 Lbs
Consist of: 652-T, BL (2)








Straight Bench 3′

Product No: 607    UPC: 054261605009

Also available for commercial applications (607-C).

Size: W38″D17″
Shown in: Sedona
Weight: 263 Lbs
Consist of: 607-T, BL (2)







Spanish Ruin Bench

Product No: LG6074    UPC: 054261160744
Size: H17½”W38″D15″
Shown in: Rustico
Weight: 209 Lbs
Consist of: LG6074-T, LG6074-L (2)







Weathered Stone Bench, Long

Product No: LG6078-L    UPC: 054261960788
Size: H17″W40″D12″
Shown in: Barocco
Weight: 200 Lbs
Consist of: LG6078-TL, LG6078-BL (2)







Weathered Stone Bench, Short

Product No: LG6078-S    UPC: 054261860781
Size: H17″W30″D12″
Shown in: Rustico
Weight: 170 Lbs
Consist of: LG6078-TS, LG6078-BL (2)







Granite Bench 4′

Product No: 6005    UPC: 054261600578
Size: H18¾”W48″D17¾”
Shown in: Brownstone
Weight: 287 Lbs
Consist of: 6005-T, 6004-L (2)







Four Seasons Granite Bench

Product No: 6010    UPC: 054261601070
Size: H18¾”W48″D17¾”
Shown in: Classic White
Weight: 278 Lbs
Consist of: 6010-T, 6004-L (2)







English Garden Bench

Product No: LG6069    UPC: 054261606916
Size: H16¾”W12″L41½”
Shown in: Meadow
Weight: 169 Lbs
Consist of: LG6069-T, LG6069-L (2)







Curved Bench 5′

Product No: 605    UPC: 054261607003

Also available for commercial applications (Model 605-C).

Size: W60″D15″
Shown in: Whitestone
Weight: 294 Lbs
Consist of: 605-T, BL (2)







Curved Granite Bench 4′

Product No: 6023    UPC: 054261602374
Size: H18½”W49¼”
Shown in: Flax
Weight: 247 Lbs
Consist of: 6023-T, 6004-L (2)