June 25, 2024

Fountain Support

Fountain Care | Minor Repair | Fountain Troubleshooting | Fountain Installation | Warranty
Thank you for your interest in Elite World of Fountains and Statuaries. Many of the designs stem from over 50 years of true craftsmanship and each piece is finished by hand custom to order.

In these pages you will find helpful hints in preserving your investment, schematics of popular fountain styles and their assembly as well as some ideas to keep in mind when repairing damages. Click on the menu above for more information.

If you can’t find the answers in these pages, please feel free to contact us any time with any other questions or concerns you may have.

Fountain Care

Do keep fountain bowls filled to proper level to maintain its proper operation. It is not recommended that fountains be left running during the night or when not at home as the water level cannot be monitored.

Check for cracks. First fill your fountain to the brim. Do not operate the fountain. If your fountain is leaking, the water level in the fountain will be lower and the ground around the fountain will be wet. Before you perform this test, you should turn off any sprinklers around the fountain as not to confuse the area’s wetness. If no moisture, do you have pets? You could very well be loosing water due to thirsty pets.

Clean with a soft cloth and CHANGE WATER FREQUENTLY, if possible. Depending on the temperature and evaporation you may see a buildup of white residue on fountain surface from mineral content in the water supply. Fountains without a painted surface (including Antique Stains and Washes) may also experience effervescence as well as mineral deposits due to the natural occurrence of alkali content in the water. Do not use any abrasive that can damage the applied finish. To prevent such buildup, we suggest the use of a product called Protec.

Do use an Algaecide such as Fountec in the water, especially in hot weather to prevent algae’s growth. Algae will damage the fountain surface and can clog up the pump causing it to overheat and burn out. Never use chlorine as an algaecide or cleaner. Chlorine can damage your pump and fountain surfaces.

Fountec Natural Mosquito Repellent to keep you fountain free of mosquito larva.

NEVER LET THE FOUNTAIN RUN DRY!!! Lack of water will burn out the pump.

DO READ ALL INFORMATION supplied with your pump regarding its proper care and cleaning.

Only plug the pump into a properly grounded junction box with a GFI receptacle only.

DO PROTECT FROM FREEZING. It is best to store concrete items indoors. DO NOT allow water to collect and freeze in the bowls. Cracking will occur. Small hairline surface stress cracks are common to all concrete products due to the natural weathering and outdoor temperature changes. There are no manufacturer warranties against that occurrence.

If you have any questions about caring for your fountain, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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Minor Repair

If there are any repairs that need to be made, they must be done prior to the paint process. Clean and pre-pair the damaged area by removing any paint skin that is loose and sand the area lightly to a smooth finish.

Damaged areas can be repaired by using auto body type filler. Generally this is a two component cement that can be used to make minor repairs. After the filler is applied it can be sanded to a smooth finish. If a piece has broken away, use a cement epoxy glue to affix the pieces together. Once dry use the auto body filler to cover the seams and sand to a smooth finish. Please refer to the instructions on how to use the auto body filler.

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Fountain Troubleshooting

  • Is there enough water in the fountain? Many require a full water level to operate properly.
  • Is the plastic tubing kinked, blocking the water flow?
  • Did the circuit breaker go off?
  • Is there debris, leaves, mineral buildup, etc. blocking the intake to the pump?
  • Is there an “airlock” in the pump? Plug and unplug the pump several times to clear it or pour water into the tubing.
  • Is the propeller in the pump turning? Consult manufacturer’s directions for servicing supplied with the pump.
  • Possible leakage? Check for leaks by filling the fountain without operating the pump. If you do not see water around the base, it might be splash out on a windy day or a thirsty pet!
  • Excess splash? In some cases water clings to lips or spillways, causing water to fall erratically. Applying a small amount of clear silicone at those points where water is designed to fall could help water release from the lip in a continuous pour and reducing splash. Simply place a small amount of silicone on your finger and lightly apply while pulling down and away, creating an up-side-down teardrop for water to follow.

*Never allow water collected in your fountain to freeze*

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Installation Instructions

A fountain assembly sheet, fittings as well as tubing are included for each fountain type. Contact us if you did not receive all necessary pieces. In order to identify which assembly sheet is appropriate for a specific fountain it is best to locate the item through the product search feature. Installation sheets are based on the overall design style of a fountain.

Type A Instructions for basic pedestal type fountains
Type B Instructions for most bowl and pedestal type fountains
Type C Instructions for all basin type fountains
Type D Instructions for cascade type fountains
Type E Instructions for most wall type fountains
Type O Instructions for all fountains with octagon bowl
Yosemite Fountain Instructions
Extra Large Lion Fountain Instructions
Bracci Basin Instructions
2088 for Four Seasons Fountain with 98″ basin
2087 for Venetian Fountain with 98″ basin
2121-FP and 2121-F Cascade Fountains

Submersible Pump Manuals

AAP 160 G.P.H. (Mag-Drive) 16′ Cord
ABP 350 G.P.H. (Mag-Drive) 16′ Cord
ACP 3,500 G.P.H. (Mag-Drive) 16′ Cord
ADP 2,500 G.P.H. (Mag-Drive) 16′ Cord
AGP 100 G.P.H. (Mag-Drive) 6′ Cord
AHP 5,000 G.P.H. (Direct-Drive) 16′ Cord
AJP 440 G.P.H. (Mag-Drive) 16′ Cord
ALP 130 G.P.H. (Mag-Drive) 16′ Cord

Submersible Light Manuals

AG-80 Four Light Kit (4 x 10W Lights with 60W Transfomer and night-time sensor)
AG-83 Transformer For Lights (60W with night-time sensor)
AG-86 Single Light Kit (10W with 60W Transformer and night-time sensor)
AG-136 Single Light Kit with 10W Transformer
AG-137 Double Light Kit with 20W Transformer
AG-138 Triple Light Kit With 30W Transformer

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Fiore Stone, Inc., the manufacturer of Al’s Garden Art, offers a one year manufacturers warranty facilitated by the dealer. Replacements and/or warranty orders are placed with Elite World of Fountains. In all cases we require pictures or inspection of the item(s) to identify the item/color and to ensure the products is determined defective under the limited warranty policy. Warranty items are offered F.O.B. our factory in Colton, California. Freight charges are covered only when the replacement(s) are shipped via company trucks on a routine delivery to the retailer/dealer. Generally, Fiore Stone ships qualified orders in about 4 to 6 weeks.

Al’s Garden Art Warranty

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