June 25, 2024

Garden Fountains – How to Control Algae in My Outdoor Garden Water Fountain

The number one concern problems for most owners for Outdoor Garden Water Fountains. This Bacteria (Algae) has been going on for Ever! We have used many different ways to control algae of our products that seem to help but needs a better solution. Elite world of fountains has come up with a product by -“BIOVERSE”- [Sun Light ,Warm Weather, with Clear Water will produce the Bacteria(Algae)]. Elite fountains has researched a product that really works! Bioverse is committed to providing ecologically responsible products to manage water easily, safely, and effectively. Bioverse has been solving water problems, from big to small, for more than a decade. Over this period of time many people with pond algae thought they had to use pond chemicals, such as copper sulfate, for algae control or algae removal. But in today’s world, in order to be eco-friendly and green, people are discovering that Bioverse provides an all natural pond treatment through our pond maintenance products. Elite Fountains presents Bioverse:
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Historically, the most common approach to treating water was through the use of harmful and expensive chemicals. However, in today’s world, being eco-friendly vitally important. That is why at Bioverse, they hold the belief that the best way to treat water is by using all-natural ingredients. Their products have delivered solutions to water problems for over ten years. Through the use of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes with a patented release process, they supply a constant 24/7 monthly application for water clarity and water health. In the past, when using chemicals, doses often needed to be increased over time. But Bioverse’s natural ingredients and specialized dosage amounts always remain constant and predictable.

You can be assured that by using all-natural products, you are doing what is best for your water and at the same time what is best for the environment.
All Bioverse products are made with naturally occurring ingredients so that you will never introduce anything that is chemical-based or foreign into your Water Fountains, Garden Fountains, Ponds or the environment.

Our biodegradable sphere is made from a corn starch based prodcut. We also offer eco-friendly refills for many of our popular products which minimizes packaging, while providing a cost-effective solution to some of the most commonly occurring water problems.
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