July 25, 2024

Waterfall Fountains (NEW)

Waterfall fountains for garden are decorative features that create a relaxing and soothing ambiance in your outdoor space. They can be made of various materials, such as concrete, stone, metal, or resin, and have different designs, such as tiered, cascading, or pondless. Our waterfalls make a beautiful garden and landscaping appearance come alive with the sounds of rushing water that’s so relaxing for years to come., Please feel free to see our selection that we offer.

Rainbow Falls Fountain with 3′ Bench

Product No: 2128-FB13    UPC: 054261621283

Also available -FB23 (2×3′), -FB14 (1×4′), -FB24 (2×4′), -FB34 (1×3’+1×4′)

Size: H37″W107″D37″
Shown in: Charcoal
Weight: 1592 Lbs
Pump: JP
Consist of: 3256, 3256-A (2), 3256-B, 3256-C, 3256-D, 3256-E, 3256-G, 3256-H, 3256-I, 6004-T






Rainbow Falls Fountain

Product No: 2128-F    UPC: 054261421289

Also available with Granite Benches (see model 2128-FB13)







Uccelli Fountain, Tall

Product No: LG148-FTD    UPC: 054261041487

The color Rustico is discontinued – recommended Sandalwood. Also available without “birds” design, “Senza” Uccelli as LG148-FT (see LG148-FS)







Courtship Cascade Fountain

Product No: 2008-CA3    UPC: 054261208996
Size: H45″ W72″
Shown in:
Weight: 626 Lbs
Pump: CP
Consist of: 3063, 381-A, 381-B, 381-C, 381-D, 381-E, 381-F, 381-G, 381-H






Aggregate Fountain

Product No: 2040-FT4    UPC: 054261204066
Size: H48″ W96″ D36″
Shown in: Winter Plum
Weight: 879.5 Lbs
Pump: CP
Consist of: 387-A, 387-B, 387-C, 384-D, 387-E, 387-F, 387-G, 387-H, 387-I, 387-J






Stone Courtyard Cascade Fountain

Product No: 2121-FP    UPC: 054261732361
Size: H38″W83″D85″
Shown in: Rustico
Weight: 2205 Lbs
Pump: DP
Consist of: 3236-A, 3236-B (4), 3236-C (4), 3236-D (4), 3236-E (4), 3236-F (4)

Stone Courtyard Cascade Wall Fountain

Product No: 2121-FW    UPC: 054261832368
Size: H38″W24″
Shown in: Rustico
Weight: 460 Lbs
Pump: JP
Consist of: 3236-B, 3236-C, (2) 3236-E, 3236-D





Corner Rock Fountain

Product No: 2041-F    UPC: 054261204141
Size: H62″ W58″ D51″
Shown in: Bronze
Weight: 1394.5 Lbs
Pump: JP
Consist of: 3111,3112-L,3112-PC,3108-L,3108-PC,3109,3109-PC






Corner Rock Fountain, Medium

Product No: 2041-FM    UPC: 054261204134
Size: H50″ W42″ D36″
Shown in: Sedona
Weight: 711 Lbs
Pump: JP
Consist of: 3112-L,3112-PC,3108,3108-PC






Corner Rock Fountain, Small

Product No: 2041-FS    UPC: 054261204127
Size: H41″ W29″ D23″
Shown in: Palomino
Weight: 375.5 Lbs
Pump: BP
Consist of: 3111, 3112, 3112-PC






Rock Fountain with Pond Pedestal

Product No: 267-FP    UPC: 054261267962
Size: H28″ W24″ BW22″
Shown in: Cimarron
Weight: 310 Lbs
Pump: BP
Consist of: 267-M, 267, 267-PC, 378-B






Yosemite Fountain

Product No: 2049-F    UPC: 054261261021
Size: H58″ W47″ D36″
Shown in: Cedar Rust
Weight: 1031 Lbs
Pump: JP
Consist of: 3120-B, 3120-C, 3120-T






Yosemite Fountain, Small

Product No: 2050-F    UPC: 054261261014
Size: H34″W47″D36″
Shown in: Cedar Rust
Weight: 810 Lbs
Pump: BP
Consist of: 3120-B, 3120-C






Large Rock Fountain

Product No: 299-F    UPC: 054261299062
Size: H44″ W38″ BW24″
Shown in: Cimarron
Weight: 635 Lbs
Pump: BP
Consist of: 3003, 3004, 3005, 3006