May 23, 2024

Al’s Finishes

Al’s Garden Art Color Disclaimer
In accordance with our tradition to create an ‘old world’ look, each item is finished and antiqued by hand. Because Al’s Garden Art products are made of all natural materials and finished using old world techniques no two products are identical. EW Fountains therefore cannot guarantee the replication of finishes featured on this page.

During the application of our finishes, coloring materials are absorbed into the surface of the concrete. Consideration should be given to product designed with rough surfaces, as they will absorb more stain material than products with less detail.

Because by design each item is unique, EW Fountains cannot accept product returns on merchandise not matching colors featured on this page, our catalog, products on display or products ordered at different times.

Antique Stains & Washes

Color Finishes

Painted Finishes

Al’s Garden Art Paint Disclaimer
The painting process is a multi step process. Once the base coat is applied, we apply an antique wipe to bring out the unique detail in each piece. The paint we use on our garden decor is specially formulated for decorative concrete. Unlike our Stains and Washes, these finishes do not react with concrete nor does it penetrate the surface; it simply becomes an outer coating.

Paint can provide certain colors that cannot be achieved with our other finishes. Because of the nature of concrete, these painted finishes are not as durable as our other finishes. Although in most cases the painted pieces maintain their beauty for many years, with the dust and moisture commonly found with concrete, there is the potential for paint to peel in certain conditions.